Dear supporters,
We turn to you with full passion and love for nature. We, that is, the entire Deepdivemexico team, are looking for good and nice people who are willing to support us with a small contribution.

But first we would like to introduce ourselves: Deepdivemexico is a small dive shop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Surrounded by the breathtaking jungle of the Yucatán Peninsula and the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

We focus on very high quality diving training. We not only provide our students and guests with sound diving training, but also inform them about animal and environmental protection.
Since the beginning, we have forbidden our guests from diving with sun protection cream applied and have informed them about the consequences.

Despite the wonderful job we get to do every day, we cannot ignore how coral bleaching negatively impacts reefs every year. As a result, more and more corals are dying, and that’s not all – their inhabitants, namely the fish that live on the reef, are also disappearing with them.


Since we can no longer stand idly by and watch the corals die out, we are launching a project:
We will cut small “cuttings” from well-preserved corals, which in no way poses a problem for the continued life of the donor coral.

We will then attach these cuttings to a self-built scaffold, care for them and carefully measure them. These scaffolds are sunk into the sea in carefully selected areas so that the corals can then thrive there with a little time and peace.

These are later transferred to the reef as large, strong corals. This reef then becomes home to many sea creatures and thus the symbiosis between fish and coral is completed.

This type of coral planting has been done in many places around the world with much success.


The diving industry, like the tourism industry, is not very lucrative. So that we can continue to be active in protecting the oceans, we rely on donations.

This project is a 100% non-profit project and all employees are volunteers. However, it would be nice if our material costs could be covered.

Stand up for a healthy reef and help us fight coral extinction. Help give the sea creatures a new home.

The entire Deepdivemexico team would like to thank you very much.